Spirit of Destiny

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The Spirit of Destiny speaks to David Xanatos.

The Spirit of Destiny is an undefined, intangible entity that cannot be contained in a single vessel.


David Xanatos and the Illuminati both attempted to capture the Spirit of Destiny by stealing the Stone of Destiny as it was en route from Westminster Abbey to Edinburgh, while King Arthur sought to protect it. However, the Spirit spoke to each of these individuals telling them that their efforts were pointless.

The Spirit of Destiny claimed to be the Fatal Stone; the Lia Fáil; the Stone of Bethel and Jerusalem of Egypt; Samothrace and Portugal; the Stone at Tara and or Mora; Iona; and Scone; the Blarney Stone; the Coronation Stone; the Hero Stone; the Philosopher's Stone, the Standing Stone; the Cornerstone; the Foundation Stone; the Megalith Dance; the Burden of Sisyphus; the Rock of Gibraltar; the Pillars of Hercules; Uluru; Clack Sgain; Jacob's Pillow; the Rosetta Stone; the Rune Stone; Sire of the Wyrd; the Mantle of Fate; the Stone of Destiny; and the Rock of Ages.

It said that no mere mortal can possess it. Then it informed Peredur fab Ragnal that Arthur had awakened, before casually greeting the Holy Grail.

Production Background

Voice Actor: Frank Welker

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