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Brooklyn was a member of the Wyvern Clan before its destruction and eventually became the second-in-command of the Manhattan Clan.


The gargoyle that would later name himself Brooklyn was hatched in the year 958 in the rookery under Wyvern Hill, and in his youth became good friends with two of his rookery brothers (the gargoyles that would later name themselves Lexington and Broadway), forming the Trio. In 994, he got into a fight with some of the humans in the Castle and was sent to the rookery with his brothers and the gargoyle beast later known as Bronx as a punishment. Though he found this very embarrassing, it ultimately saved his life when the Wyvern Massacre occurred the next day. ("Awakening" Part One) Shortly thereafter, he was placed under the Magus' curse of permanent sleep, only awakening in 1994 with the rest of the surviving clan members. ("Awakening" Part Two)

Brooklyn is the most adventurous of the Trio. He rode a horse once in the 10th century, and not long after his awakening, eagerly took to riding a motorcycle that Lexington had made out of spare parts. (He only got to ride it once, however; it was destroyed in a clash with a biker gang.) He likes exploring, and finding out more about human ways. He will even wear sunglasses because they're "cool" (and never mind the fact that sunglasses at night are pointless). He is a quick-witted gargoyle, and has a certain fondness for making wisecracks and sarcastic quips at times.

"Future Tense" Brooklyn

But underneath his thrill-seeking exterior, Brooklyn has a lonelier, almost "Gothic melancholic" side. He had his share of misfortunes in the 20th century that shaped him strongly. One of these was when Demona tricked him into stealing the Grimorum Arcanorum for her, so that she could use it to magically bring Goliath under her control. Brooklyn has never forgiven Demona for it, and continues to hold a bitter grudge against her for having used him (fueled in part by his guilt over having helped her enslave Goliath). ("Temptation") Although, he was originally somewhat philosophical about it compared to Lexington's enmity for the Pack, his own hate for the renegade eventually grew to the point where he would reflexively attack her on sight. He will someday forgive her, after his TimeDancer adventures, however. He had a similiarly distasteful encounter with Iago who possessed him and used his body to plot against the clan before the spirit was convinced to occupy the Coldsteel robot body. ("Possession") However, although Brooklyn eagerly awaits an opportunity to make the insidious renegade pay, it is unclear to what degree his hate for Coldsteel mirrors his emnity for Demona.

Brooklyn also has a weakness for the ladies. He first eagerly pursued Maggie the Cat, and it took a long while for him to realize that she wanted nothing to do with him, a realization that crushed him. ("Metamorphosis", "The Cage") Next he pursued Angela when she joined the clan, and again, felt devastated when she chose Broadway for her mate instead. ("Turf," "The Journey", et al.) He has also shown an attraction to Delilah, but Goliath asked her to be his date before Brooklyn could for the Halloween Masque party in 1996, though she later apparently chose Brooklyn's Clone Malibu for a companion, much to the original's consternation. ("Invitation Only", "Bash") Brooklyn is still young and is finding these frequent romantic rejections frustrating, but he has not yet learned to distinguish between infatuation and true love; however, he will learn during his TimeDancer adventures.

After the clan's first battle with the upgraded Pack, where Brooklyn's masterful tactical direction helped soundly defeat them, Goliath appointed Brooklyn his second-in-command, and intended successor. While Brooklyn is, overall, pleased with this new role, he has no desire to become the actual leader of the clan for a long time. ("Upgrade") Nevertheless, he did have to temporarily take command of the Manhattan Clan during Goliath’s absence on the Avalon World Tour, and after a brief period of resistance, finally accepted it while demonstrating the masterful talents that earned him the temporary title of leader. ("Kingdom")

Not long after the gargoyles moved back into the castle, Brooklyn spotted the Phoenix Gate, which began disintegrating as soon as he touched it. A phoenix exploded from the Gate, swallowing Brooklyn, and transporting him to Scotland in the year 997, where he met Mary and Finella, still being pursued by Constantine's soldiers for the Grimorum Arcanorum.

Brooklyn protected the two women, as well as arranged for Demona and her clan to intervene in the battle. After Constantine was slain, the phoenix appeared again. Mary and Finella begged Brooklyn to take them with him.

He will protect the two women until the phoenix transports them all to the United States in the late 1970s. From there, they'll work together behind the scenes at setting up the alliance between Xanatos and Demona that will lead to the transporting of Castle Wyvern to New York and the re-awakening of the gargoyles, with a little help from Owen/Puck. After that, the phoenix whisks Brooklyn off on more adventures. Among other places, he will visit Xanadu (where he will be joined by a gargoyle beast companion named Fu-Dog), the world in the year 2198 (where he and Fu-Dog will aid Samson's Resistance against the Space-Spawn invaders and finally learn to forgive a repentant Demona) and feudal Japan (where he will finally find true love with a female gargoyle of the Ishimura Clan named Katana ). Brooklyn and Katana will become mates, and in the course of their travels together, have two children, named Nashville and Tachi. (See the articles on TimeDancer and Gargoyles 2198 for more information.)

Brooklyn returns.

At last, after forty years of wandering, from Brooklyn's perspective, the phoenix will deposit him and his family back in Manhattan - only about forty seconds after he left. He will rejoin the clan, adding his family to its ranks, and resume his position as second-in-command.

Future Tense

Brooklyn led the resistance against Xanatos and was mated with Demona. He was killed by the Xanatos Program inside the Eyrie Pyramid. ("Future Tense")


Physically, Brooklyn is a wiry red-colored gargoyle. He has a mane of wild white hair, an enormous beak, two long horns, and pterodactyl-like wings. At some point during his TimeDancer adventures, Brooklyn lost his left eye. When he finally returned to Manhattan, he was wearing an eye-patch, armor similar to what he wore in "Future Tense" and was carrying a futuristic rifle; a blaster; a katana; and a Scottish broadsword.

However, his best asset is his keen calculating nature. For instance, he is a master tactician capable of orchestrating assaults that often leave the most formidable foes reeling. However when Demona is involved, Brooklyn's hate can completely cloud his judgment considering he is prone to attack her on sight.

Brooklyn received his name after he awakened in New York in 1994, naming himself after the borough of Brooklyn.


958. March. Hatches at Wyvern Hill.

994. September 30. Sent down to the rookery by Goliath along with Broadway, Lexington, and Bronx for getting in a fight with humans. This will end up saving his life. ("Awakening" Part One)

October 1. Wyvern Massacre occurs. Brooklyn and the other survivors attack the viking camp to free the humans. Thinking the gargoyles' arrival caused Hakon to kill Princess Katharine, the Magus put Brooklyn and the others under the sleep spell. ("Awakening" Part Two)

997. Brooklyn meets Mary and Finella on his first TimeDancer adventure. He brings Demona's Clan out of hiding to join the Battle of Rathveramoen against Constantine. The Phoenix returns for Brookyln and transports Brooklyn, Mary, Finella, and the Grimorum away.

1975-1980. At some point between these years, Brooklyn, Mary, and Finella are brought to the United States by the Phoenix Gate. They work behind the scenes with Owen in forming an alliance between Xanatos and Demona.

1978. Brooklyn's son Nashville hatches.

1994. October 4. Xanatos breaks the sleep spell by putting Castle Wyvern atop the Eyrie Building above the clouds. The gargoyles awaken in Manhattan. A group of commandos attack Xanatos and the clan. They seemingly escape with three diskettes. ("Awakening" Part Two)

October 5. Meets Elisa Maza. The trio explore the city. ("Awakening" Part Three)

October 6. Chooses his name, and comes up with Bronx's name as well. Xanatos and Demona convince the clan to "retrieve" the stolen disks (though they never belonged to Xanatos in the first place). Brooklyn and his brothers raid the Cyberbiotics Tower and successfully steal one of the disks. ("Awakening" Part Four, "Awakening" Part Five)

October 7. Brooklyn helps Goliath destroy Xanatos' Steel Clan robots. Demona then betrays the clan and flees, and Xanatos is arrested. ("Awakening" Part Five)

November 11. Goes out for a joy-ride on a motorcycle he and his brothers had built. He's accosted and attacked by a biker gang, but saved by Demona's intervention. She seduces Brooklyn into believing her stance on humans. He agrees to aid her in her plan to make Goliath see the truth. ("Temptation")

November 12-13. Steals the Grimorum Arcanorum and lures Goliath to the Cloisters where Demona is waiting to cast her mind control spell. Realizing his mistake, Brooklyn battles with Demona and takes control of Goliath's mind, but is unable to undo the spell. Elisa figures out a way to free Goliath's mind. ("Temptation")

1995. January 3-4. Kidnapped by Macbeth along with Lexington and Bronx. They escape with Goliath. Moves into the clocktower with the rest of his clan. ("Enter Macbeth")

January 27-28. Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway save Xanatos and Derek Maza from Jackal and Hyena during a helicoptor battle. The trio take control of the Pack's helicoptor and later use it to defeat Jackal and Hyena a second time. They then hide the helicoptor-permanently. ("Her Brother's Keeper")

February 3. Battles Coldstone and Encounters Demona again on the George Washington Bridge. The gargoyles take up an oath to protect the citizens of Manhattan. ("Reawakening")

September 4-5. Tracks The Pack to their studio along with Lexington and Bronx, where they are captured by the Pack. Thanks to a tip by Owen, Goliath, Hudson, and Broadway free the captives from an oil rig. During the fight, Brooklyn is knocked unconscious and nearly falls into the water, but is saved by Lexington. The Pack escapes. ("Leader of the Pack")

September 7. While on patrol, Brooklyn and Broadway spot Maggie. Brooklyn forms a crush on her, and is intent on saving her from Gen-U-Tech security guards. Maggie seems more afraid of the gargoyles and willingly goes with the guards. ("Metamorphosis")

September 9-10. Brooklyn insists on saving Maggie. He, Goliath and Lexington raid Gen-U-Tech, and bring Maggie back to the clocktower, but she flees at sunrise. After a fight at Castle Wyvern with the mutates ends when Elisa realizes one of them is her brother, a dejected Brooklyn mopes that Maggie is not interested in him. ("Metamorphosis")

November 13-14. Raids Macbeth's mansion along with the rest of the clan, and fights and subdues Demona with Bronx. However, the clan is defeated and captured by Iago (working through Coldstone), and Macbeth and Demona (who are working under a spell by the Weird Sisters). The clan is saved by Elisa and Othello at Belvedere Castle. ("High Noon")

November 15. Goliath is badly injured during a fight with the Pack. Brooklyn insists on helping Goliath rather than going after the Pack. Hudson tells Goliath to choose a second-in-command amongst Brooklyn and his brothers. ("Upgrade")

December 14. Has grown at odds with his brothers over Goliath's slowness in choosing second-in-command, and has nightly competitions to see who foils the most crimes. ("Upgrade")

December 15. Thanks to a clever tip by Fox, the trio realizes the rest of the clan have been captured by the Pack. Brooklyn comes up with a plan and leads his brothers in saving Goliath, Hudson, Elisa, and Bronx from the upgraded Pack. Brooklyn is chosen as Goliath's second-in-command. ("Upgrade")

December 20. Encounters Maggie again when she leads the mutates to the clocktower where they attack. The mutates are defeated, and Brooklyn lets them go to show Maggie that he can be trusted. ("The Cage")

1996. January 4. The rest of the clan realize that Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx are missing. Brooklyn is reluctant to take the reigns of leadership. He visits the Labyrinth to talk to Talon, and attacks Fang for harassing Al. ("Kingdom")

January 5. Against Brooklyn's better judgement, he allows Talon to lead the clan in an attack against Xanatos, which goes unsuccessfully and alerts Xanatos to Goliath's disappearance. Later, Maggie goes to the clocktower to tell the clan of Fang's take-over in the Labyrinth, and Brooklyn leads the others against Fang and his minions, accepting leader responsibility at last. ("Kingdom")

May 19. Brooklyn and his clanmates encounter King Arthur and Griff, and help Arthur reclaim Excalibur while battling with Macbeth and his flunkies. ("Pendragon")

July 9. The Avalon World Tour travellers return home. Brooklyn meets Angela, and is smitten with her. The whole clan battles against Oberon to keep him from kidnapping Alexander. ("The Gathering")

July 14. Bitten by a robotic mosquito that samples his DNA while on stakeout with Goliath and Angela, as part of Demona and Thailog's cloning scheme. Encounters Demona who has stolen a battle suit from the Golden Cup Bakery. She is defeated, and Brooklyn proposes they lock her up in the labyrinth. ("The Reckoning")

August 2-3. Elisa enlists the help of the trio and Angela in helping her take down Dracon and Tomas Brod. The entire time, the trio are duking it out over Angela. Brooklyn even tries to use his status to be alone with her. Angela finally sets them straight and they apologize to her after successfully helping to stop the two criminals' gangs. ("Turf")

October 16-17. Iago's soul secretly takes possession of Brooklyn's body during Puck's sould-transferrance plan. After being weakened in battle, Iago decides to transfer to the Coldsteel robot body. ("Possession")

October 24. Encounters Demona again at a warehouse and fights with her, trying to keep her from obtaining the chemical DI-7. He's unsuccessful and has to be saved by Lexington from the burning warehouse. ("Hunter's Moon" Part One)

October 25. The Hunters destroy the clocktower. The gargoyles temporarily reside at Elisa's apartment. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Three)

October 27. After a battle with the Hunters, Goliath saves the world from Demona, and the gargoyles reclaim Castle Wyvern. Though Brooklyn is wary about living under the same roof as Xanatos. ("Hunter's Moon" Part Three)

October 29. Witnesses Broadway and Angela kissing in the library, and skulks away dejectedley. ("The Journey")

October 31. Goes with Goliath to the Labyrinth. Attempts to ask Delilah on a date, but Goliath does before him. ("Invitation Only")

November 1. Battles with Thailog during his attack of the Eyrie on Halloween. Later sees Delilah holding his clone Malibu affectionately and is greatly annoyed. ("Bash")

November 2. Elects to stay in Manhattan when Macbeth recruits the clan for help in guarding the Stone of Destiny. Broadway and Angela stay with him, much to his chagrin. ("The Rock)

1997. Brooklyn discovers the Phoenix Gate in Manhattan and begins his TimeDancer journey. Forty seconds later, he returns from his forty year journey. Katana, Nashville, and Fu-Dog join the Manhattan Clan. An unhatched egg is also brought back.

2198. A timedancing Brooklyn and Fu-Dog joins Samson's Resistance against the Space-Spawn.



For Brooklyn's apocryphal adventures, see Brooklyn (Apocrypha).

Behind the Scenes

Voice Actor: Jeff Bennett

In the early days of the comedy development, the leader of the clan was a gargoyle named Nick. Nick was great with coming up with plans, but not so great at coming up with plans that worked. He was also very much interested in the women of virtually any species, though his interests were seldom - if ever- returned. When the much more capable Dakota became the clan's new leader, Nick was renamed first "Trouble" then "Amp". Amp got another shot at leading the clan when Dakota became Demona and joined up with the bad guys. He developed a cool dude attitude and was supposedly "easily tempted by ... temptation." Though he apparently looked more like Lexington, Amp was an obvious forerunner of Brooklyn. The name "Amp" showed up again as a nickname for the London Clan gargoyle Staghart, though so far, no one other than Lexington uses it.

Some of the other names considered for this character were "Nasti", "Static", and "Moe".