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*[[The Silver Falcon]]
*"[[The Silver Falcon]]"
*[[Double Jeopardy]]  
*"[[Double Jeopardy]]"
*[[Golem (episode)]]
*"[[Eye of the Storm]]"
*[[Eye of the Storm]]  
*"[[The Green]]"
*[[The Green]]  
*"[[Sentinel (episode)|Sentinel]]"
*[[Sentinel (episode)]]  
*"[[Broadway Goes to Hollywood]]"
*[[Broadway Goes to Hollywood]]  
*"[[Genesis Undone]]"
*[[Genesis Undone]]  
*"[[Angels In the Night]]"
*[[Angels In the Night]]
==See also==
==See also==

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Cary Bates is a comic book and animation writer. He was born in Pennsylvania in the United States.

Selected List of Works

DC Comics

  • Various issues of Action Comics
  • Various issues of Captain Atom
  • Various issues of The Flash
  • Various issues of Legion of Superheroes
  • Various issues of Superman


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