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Cyberbiotics is a multinational corporation founded and headed by Halcyon Renard, and one of Xanatos Enterprises' leading rivals.


In 1994, Xanatos, eager to get his hands on much of Cyberbiotics' recent research, tricked Goliath and his clan into stealing three computer disks from three separate Cyberbiotics labs, one in the Cyberbiotics Tower, one in an underground research facility (which later became known as the Labyrinth), and one aboard Fortress-1. The gargoyles completed their mission, in the process inflicting severe damage upon Cyberbiotics, and even destroying Fortress-1. Xanatos used the data on the three disks to complete work on the first batch of Steel Clan robots. ("Awakening Part Four", "Awakening Part Five")

To help Cyberbiotics recover from this serious setback, Renard personally financed the building of Fortress-2 as a replacement for the destroyed Fortress-1. He also lobbied the proper authorities in order to continue having the research airship over New York City. [1] Finally, after suffering a fire, and with most of his money already invested in building Fortress-2, Renard had to abandon the underground research facility. [2] Nevertheless, Fox tried to destroy Fortress-2 as a means of wiping her father out and seizing control of Cyberbiotics, but Goliath helped Renard save the airship, and thus preserve the company. ("Outfoxed")

By 1996, Cyberbiotics was involved in a rain forest clearing action in Guatemala, supervised by Preston Vogel from a local villa, without Renard's knowledge or permission. [3] When the Mayan Clan began hindering Cyberbiotics operations there, Vogel hired Jackal and Hyena to deal with the clan, but after they were defeated, decided to call off the project. ("The Green")

Anton Sevarius and Owen Burnett were both employees of Cyberbiotics before becoming employed by Xanatos. ("Outfoxed") While an employee, Sevarius may have worked at the underground base. [4]

Cyberbiotics has patented the so-called cybots, no doubt using similar technology as that which was used to create the Steel Clan.