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==Production Background==
==Production Background==
Erin is named after [[Greg Weisman]]'s own daughter, [[Erin Weisman]].
Erin is named after [[Greg Weisman]]'s daughter, [[Erin Weisman]].
[[Category:Canon characters]]
[[Category:Canon characters]]

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Erin mutated, by Karine Charlebois

Erin is a mutate who lives in the Labyrinth.


Erin was a human girl living in the Labyrinth in late 1996. In December of that year, Erin was abducted by Sevarius and Fang and was injected with a mutagenic formula causing her to become a human-turtle mutate. After she was freed from Sevarius by the Redemption Squad, she returned to live in the Labyrinth.


Erin resembles a anthropomorphic turtle and possibly has the ability to retract into her shell, though this is uncertain.

Erin has a younger brother named Benny who was also made into a mutate.


  • "Louse" (First Appearance)

Production Background

Erin is named after Greg Weisman's daughter, Erin Weisman.