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The Hollow Hill is an enchanted cavern on the island of Avalon, and a place of powerful magic. The main chamber of the Hollow Hill is a huge rocky dome. It was here, upon a huge bier, that King Arthur Pendragon was placed in his sleep, only to be awakened when he was most needed. To reach the King's platform from the entry corridor, one must first cross a narrow bridge over a deep fissure. This magical bridge was so enchanted that if a person attempted to cross it, it would appear to collapse, requiring a "leap of faith" to cross it. While Arthur was entombed at the Hollow Hill, it was also guarded by two magical suits of armor that guarded the King. Along the perimeter of the room were statues of knights, and above them heraldic images. King Arthur slept here for one thousand four hundred and fifty three years (though only about sisty years seemed to have passed on Avalon).

In late 1995, Elisa Maza and the Magus came to the Hollow Hill and awoke King Arthur from his sleep to assist them in their need. Later the Magus returned and battled the Weird Sisters at the Hill and though he defeated them, it came at great cost to him. Shortly after the battle, he died upon the King's platform. (more...)