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Castle Wyvern is an ancient fortress built on Wyvern Hill in Scotland as a result of an alliance between Prince Malcolm and the Wyvern Clan. The Castle was well protected by its location, the human archers and soldiers, and most of all, the gargoyles themselves. However, in 994, after a series of attacks by marauding Vikings and due in large part to betrayal by the Captain of the Guard and Demona, the Castle was sacked and all but abandoned.

The Castle gained a reputation for being haunted over the centuries and fell into ruin. Finally, a thousand years later, David Xanatos arrived and promptly bought the Castle and moved it to Manhattan piece by piece. From then on it stood in pristine form as the pinnacle of the Eyrie Building.

Castle Wyvern is the home of the Manhattan Clan as well as Xanatos' family. (more...)