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I'm not really sure who I am addressing this to... anyone, I guess, but is anyone good to change the featured article at any time? I think I know how and Goliath has been up a long time. I think it's a cool addition to the site, but maybe we could rotate it more. Do we have to have a different picture? Anything else I/we need to know before changing it? --Matt 12 November 2007

Yes there is. Matt, you may know this already, but I'm addressing this to anybody who wants to make a Feature in the future.
Currently, the text and picture in the Feature box is transcluded from GargWiki:Feature-01. If you want to create a new Feature box, create it at GargWiki:Feature-02, and we get to keep the Goliath version. Only one Feature will be up on the Main Page at any time. Eventually, if we get at least 12 different Features, then we can actually rotate it automatically on a monthly basis. If we want to, that is.
But by all means, please make a new one. In fact, anyone who wants to write one can do so.
I don't think you need to use a picture that is not in the article. In fact, it's probably preferable to use one that is in the target article. I just prefered that picture of Goliath over all the other pictures of Goliath we happened to have. -- Supermorff 12:49, 13 November 2007 (CST)