Gargoyles Phunny Plushes

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The Phunny Plushes are a series of plush toys based on Gargoyles that are being released by Kidrobot, a subsidiary of NECA, in 2021.


"My name is not 'Tiny'; I am Goliath!"

Kidrobot is excited to announce its collaboration with the classic cartoon, Gargoyles, in order to bring you this Goliath Phunny plush! This plush is made of high quality materials and is perfect for snuggling.


"I would rather they feared me."

Now the time of the Gargoyles has come again! Let these formerly stony guardians protect your shelf in their new Phunny plush forms. The clan’s nemesis Demona measures 7.5 inches in the seated position. Every Phunny is made from the softest premium materials.

Goliath & Bronx

"I see you've met our watchdog."

Now the time of the Gargoyles has come again! Let this stony guardian protect your shelf in plush form. From the mega-popular Disney cartoon, leader Goliath (with trusty companion Bronx) measures 13-inches tall and can guard even in the darkness thanks to his GLOWING EYES, which activate with the press of a button. His stern gaze is sure to make you feel that your collection is secure.