Goldencup Bakery Building

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The Golden Cup Building

The Golden Cup Building is a research facility in New York City, specializing in developing advanced weaponry for the military.

It maintains the facade of a bakery to the outside world. It has been raided twice since the gargoyles came to New York, once by Coldstone (under Xanatos' control) and once by Demona (as actually part of a trap to trick the clan into capturing her, in the adventure that would lead to the emergence of the Clones). ("Legion"; "The Reckoning")

It was also here that Xanatos invited Goliath to his wedding. ("Vows")

Real World History

The Golden Cup Building is based on the Silvercup Bakery in Brooklyn, which is now a film and TV studio. This real building was featured in the movie Highlander, in the final battle between Connor and the Kurgan (played by Clancy Brown).[1]

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