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"Grief" is the forty-fourth televised episode of the series Gargoyles, and the thirty-first episode of Season 2.



Michael Reaves introduced a few elements into the script for Grief rejected from a story that he had written for Batman the Animated Series entitled Avatar (such as the tanna leaves burned as part of the ritual to summon Anubis, and the mentions of such other Egyptian gods as Osiris, Isis, Set, and Thoth), which also involved the uncovering of a being of almost godlike powers over life and death native to ancient Egypt.

Greg Weisman regards this episode as one of his leading "missed opportunity" cases. He had had the Emir state that, while Anubis was being held prisoner, nobody on Earth could die, but then failed to do anything with the idea. After making the episode, he realized that he ought to have used it, by proceeding to have the Pack "kill" Goliath and his companions, only to discover that, because of Anubis's captivity, none of them could die. He has often spoken of his regret over overlooking this since.

With Coyote's literal half-robot head destroyed by Goliath in Upgrade, this trademark feature of the robot now becomes a video image (which would also be incorporated with Coyote 4.0 in Cloud Fathers).

Animation nit: Elisa's jacket is missing from one of the scenes near the end (as the protagonists stand in front of the Emir-as-Anubis's-avatar, in a grand sweep past).


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