Hudson's Mate

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This is a canon-in-training article. Information in this article is subject to change before it becomes canon.

Hudson's Mate was an unnamed, female gargoyle of the Wyvern Clan.


Hudson's mate hatched in 878 in the rookery below Wyvern Hill. Little is known about her life, but we do know that by 927 she and that gargoyle we would later come to know as Hudson had become mates and conceived their first egg that year. In all, Hudson and his mate would be rookery parents to the hatchlings of the 938, 958, and 978 generations. Unfortunately, there was no chance for Hudson's mate to do much mothering of the 978 generation as she died in 971 while they were unhatched eggs. The cause of her death is unknown, though it should be noted that 971 was also the year the Wyvern Clan formed an alliance with Prince Malcolm.

Though never known to anyone, Hudson's Mate was in fact the biological mother to "Hyppolyta", Broadway and "True".


Greg Weisman has described Hudson's Mate as "a fierce warrior and a lovely individual." [1]

Hudson's mate has never been seen "on screen" so her exact appearance remains a mystery for the moment. However, knowing the characteristics of Hudson, Broadway and "True", and having a rough description of Hyppolyta, makes it possible to extrapolate on her features. These are, at best, good guesses about her, and since gargoyle heredity is still somewhat enigmatic, it is quite possible that there are inaccuracies.

Hudson's mate probably had many of the features that Hyppolyta, Broadway and True possess, but Hudson does not. Her coloring and ear shape were probably the same as Broadway's, and both Hyppolyta and Broadway are hairless so Hudson's mate almost certainly was too. True's wings are similar to Ophelia's in form and they possibly were inherited from Hudson's mate. Her tail could have had any variety of the forms seen among the Wyvern and Avalon Clan gargoyles, or perhaps something not seen yet. It seems possible to get a general idea of the shape of her horns and brow because of True's horns and because of the difference between Hudson and Broadway's horns. Hudson has three small horns on each side of his forehead (which apparently Hyppolyta inherited), Broadway has three small horns running down the center of his forehead. True had a small sort of crest with points down the center. With this information, it seems likely that Hudson's mate had simple brow ridges (like Broadway and True) and probably a crest not unlike True's. Nothing else is known.


Hudson's mate would have presumably held a role in the spin-off Gargoyles: The Dark Ages. [2]