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Katana is a female gargoyle originally from the Ishimura Clan of feudal Japan, and later became a member of the Manhattan Clan in 1997.


Katana was hatched at an unspecified time, though it is known that it was at some point during Japan's feudal period. Most likely she was trained in Bushido and learned to wield a Japanese sword, a katana, from which she derives her name. Several decades after her hatching, Brooklyn arrives during his TimeDancer travels and the two gargoyles eventually decide to become mates. Katana continues on the quest with Brooklyn to return to his home from that point onward. She and Brooklyn have two biological children: Nashville and an egg as yet unhatched in 1997 that they call Egwardo, which will hatch into their second child Tachi in 1998. It is currently unclear whether or not Brooklyn and Katana will have a third biological child.

Katana joined the Manhattan Clan after Brooklyn's return to New York in 1997. ("Phoenix")


Katana's character model. By Robby Bevard. Click to enlarge.

Katana is a female gargoyle with pale blue skin, a beak, and some anatomical peculiarities common among the Ishimura Clan, such as black hair, paired horns, and a reduction in wing, finger and toe digits.

She wears a yellow kimono and wields one katana and one wakizashi on her back, and two fans on her belt.

It is also worth noting that she is very protective of her egg. She became somewhat defensive when Angela asked to hold it. She also wears a back-pack and takes the egg with her at all times, including into battle.

Katana was already known by that name when she first met Brooklyn.[1]


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