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The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is an underground complex in New York, part of an abandoned portion of the city’s subway tunnels.


When the gargoyles first awakened in Manhattan, the Labyrinth was being used by Cyberbiotics as a research facility; Hudson and Bronx raided it to obtain one of the three disks that Xanatos had awakened the clan to steal for him. ("Awakening" Part Two) After the raid, the complex was abandoned, until Goliath brought Sevarius there following his kidnapping the scientist, and put him to work to find a cure for the Mutates' condition. ("The Cage") Following this adventure, the Mutates settled in the Labyrinth, and made it their home.

Homeless people throughout the city came to settle there as well, under the Mutates' protection. While Talon was their nominal leader, he was slow to take on this position, and Fang took advantage of the leadership vacuum in an attempt to take over the Labyrinth and rule it as a tyrant. Talon finally defeated him, however, with the aid of Hudson and the Trio, and recognized the need to serve as its leader. He decreed that the community now formed in the Labyrinth would be ruled by justice rather than by force, and forbade all weapons there. ("Kingdom")

Demona and Fang as prisoners in the Labyrinth

The gargoyles brought Demona to the Labyrinth for imprisonment after their capture of her at the Golden Cup Building. Her imprisonment did not last long, however, for she was rescued by Thailog not long afterwards. After the defeat of the two villainous gargoyles at Coney Island Amusement Park, the Clones joined the Labyrinth's community, where Talon would teach them to think for themselves, and to use verbs. ("The Reckoning")

On Halloween 1996, Goliath and Brooklyn visited the Labyrinth in order to meet the clones, and Goliath asked Delilah on a date. Shortly thereafter, the facility was raided by Thailog. ("Invitation Only")