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For the character, see Mace Malone.
A mace about to shatter a gargoyle.

A mace is a weapon with a heavy head on a solid shaft used to bludgeon opponents.

Maces have been a favorite weapon by many humans to destroy gargoyles in their stone sleep. Hakon himself used one when he and his band of vikings destroyed the Wyvern Clan in 994.

Constantine III and Gillecomgain were armed with maces when they destroyed the Sruighlea Cell of Demona's Clan. Duncan would later arm himself with one when he destroyed several members of the Wyvern Cell.

A mace about to shatter a human.

But really, no one can say how many gargoyle clans fell to humans armed with maces. It is disturbingly ironic that Demona's weapon of choice in the Dark Ages was also a mace.

In modern times, the mace has been supplanted by the Quarryman Hammer, although, as of yet, no gargoyle has been destroyed by one. As of yet.

Ironically, Maza is Spanish for mace. [1]