Matt Bluestone's Apartment

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Matt Bluestone’s apartment is the residence of Matt Bluestone.


When Matt went missing, Elisa went to his apartment to see what she could find. She and Broadway came across Pal Joey ransacking the place. Broadway subdued Joey, but accidentally triggered a bomb when tried to turn on Matt’s computer that Joey had booby trapped. Broadway managed to get himself, Elisa, and Joey out of the apartment before the bomb went off, causing great damage to the interior of the apartment.

After she was captured by Dracon, Elisa informed Matt that his apartment had been blown up, much to his chagrin. Later, Matt disarmed and defeated Pal Joey, stating the blow he gave Joey was revenge for what happened to his apartment. (“The Silver Falcon”)

When Goliath, Bronx, and Elisa went missing, Broadway dropped by Matt’s apartment to see if he had any information. The apartment appeared completely repaired, a little over two months after the bombing. (“Kingdom”)