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The NECA Action Figures are a series of action figures based on Gargoyles that are being released by NECA in 2021.

On March 25th, 2021, NECA announced on Twitter their Goliath action figure. [1] On June 15th, they announced that the response had been overwhelming and that they intended this to be a full line, that "seven or eight" figures were completed and even more were in development. [2] When asked about their thoughts behind the look, they explained that action figures had come a long way since 1994 and wanted to modernize the looks with more detail and anatomy. [3]

At 12:01 am, on June 25th, 2021, NECA posted a stop motion animated commercial for their Goliath action figure, by D.M. Galloway. The commercial also featured the first glimpse of NECA's Demona action figure. [4]. Demona was later officially announced, alongside Thailog on July 19th, 2021. [5] On July 23rd, 2021, it was announced that eight more figures were completed for a 2022 release [6] with even more than that planned. [7]

1. Goliath

NECA Goliath action figure.

The first figure to be released by NECA was Goliath. The figure features alternate portraits: one a calm face and the other an growling, eyes glowing face. He also features alternate hands, fists and flared talons as well as a book (showcasing the character's love of reading) and a jalapeño pepper as seen in the episode: "Protection".

The figure was sculpted by Djordje Djekovic, painted by Jon Wardell and Geoffrey Trapp, and the packaging was designed by Chris Raime.

2. Demona

NECA Demona action figure.

The second figure in the line, Demona features alternate portaits: a sly, scheming smirk, and a growling face with glowing red eyes. Clawed hands and weapon holding hands. She also features the Grimorum Arcanorum as seen when she acquired it in "Temptation" and "Phoenix". She also comes with two guns: the bazooka she nearly murdered Goliath with during their iconic confrontation at the climax of "Awakening Part Five" and the particle beam cannon she carried during "Long Way to Morning" and "Reawakening".

3. Thailog

NECA Thailog action figure... yes, it's a repaint already, and quit complaining: Remember Kenner's many Goliath clones that weren't Thailog? Mighty Roar Goliath. Flame Storm Goliath. Hardwired Goliath. Claw Climber Goliath. Minotaur Goliath? The list gets longer and more ridiculous.

The third figure in the line, Thailog, is a re-paint of the initial Goliath figure. He features more malevolent character portraits, a flare gun, a brief case containing $20 million in cash, and a key; all of these references to his first appearance in "Double Jeopardy".