Redemption Squad

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The Redemption Squad, drawn by Karine Charlebois in honor of Gary Sperling.

The Redemption Squad is a group of individuals who have betrayed or threatened peace and justice in the world and now seek to redeem themselves by fighting on the side of the angels. They were set up and controlled by the Director and travel the world fighting foes and working towards law and order.


The Redemption Squad's field leader is Hunter, and its other members consist of Dingo, Matrix, Yama, and Fang.

The Squad's purpose is to battle various figures which the Director views as a threat, including minions of the Illuminati. It is also believed that their creation is a response of sorts by the United States government after learning about the existence of Gargoyles. [1][2] Its members were chosen since, as "bad guys," they were considered expendable by him. When joining the Squad all were offered a chance at redemption as a "carrot" and a threat as a "stick". For Hunter, Dingo and Fang, this threat is imprisonment, for Matrix it is permanent E.M. dissolution, and for Yama it is the revelation of the Ishimura Clan to the world.

The Squad's headquarters is in Paris, directly beneath the Eiffel Tower. For a time, they traveled about in a large helicopter named Redemption, but it was destroyed in early 1997. They wear black clothing of various styles and are armed with a wide variety of weapons.


Production Background

The Gargoyles: Bad Guys comic book mini-series follows the formation and continuing adventures of the Redemption Squad. All members are reformed/reforming villains from the Gargoyles Universe.

The concept of the Redemption Squad was inspired by the movie The Dirty Dozen. [3]