Redemption Squad

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Redemption Squad - A group of "reformed/reforming villains" in the Gargoyles Universe, set up and controlled by the Director. They were the protagonists of the planned Gargoyles spin-off, Bad Guys, which was never made.


Its leader is Robyn Canmore, and its other members consist of Dingo, Matrix, Yama, and Fang. The Redemption Squad's purpose is to battle various figures which the Director views as a threat; its members were chosen since, as "bad guys", they were considered expendable by him. Its headquarters are in Paris.


The concept of the Redemption Squad is very similar to the Suicide Squad from DC Comics, where a US government agency recruited supervillians in prison to work for them dangerous and often deadly assignments. While Greg Weisman did write for DC early in his career, it unknown how much of an influence the Suicide Squad concept had when he invisioned the Redemption Squad. It should be noted however that while the Suicide Squad's stories were often dark, involving such remore concepts as drug use and suicide, the concept of the Redemption Squad, even in the name, give it a light, more optimistic tone, underscoring the over all more hopeful message of the Gargoyles universe.