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  • ...dway had not participated in the fight at all; he was merely sitting close by peacefully eating, and Goliath lumped him in with the others). ''("[[Awaken ...value of reading in that adventure), first reading the newspaper with him. By the time that the gargoyles were living in the castle again, Broadway had m
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  • The plan to create Hollywood and the other [[Clones]] was orchestrated by [[Thailog]]. [[Demona]] supported the idea and together they used [[Anton S ..."Obey Thailog". [] By October, Hollywood was released from his cloning tube and soon after was re
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  • ...and Louie based on the ''Uncle Scrooge'' comic books. They also included characters made for the show such as Launchpad McQuack, Mrs. Beakley and Webbigail Van *[[Bill Fagerbakke]] - Ghost of Christmas Present (2017)
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