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  • '''Coldstone''' is a [[cyborg]] [[gargoyle]], created by [[David Xanatos|Xanatos]] and [[Demona]] from the shattered stone remains o ...eturned to their mated life afterwards in peace, until they were destroyed by [[Hakon]]'s [[Vikings]], alongside most of the Wyvern Clan, in the [[Wyvern
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  • ...causing riots among the New Olympians. Elisa attempted to bond with Taurus by telling him that she too owed her career in law enforcement to following in '''Voice Actor:''' [[Michael Dorn]]
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  • ...rgoyles]]'' for the large number of ''Star Trek'' cast members that voiced characters on the show. [[Greg Weisman]] commented that, at first, this was unintentio Staff writers [[Michael Reaves]] and [[Diane Duane]] also wrote an episode of ''Star Trek: The Next
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  • Minotaur was once the Chief of Security on [[New Olympus]]. He was murdered by [[Proteus]] when the shape-shifter attempted to escape the island. His son, '''Voice Actor:''' [[Michael Dorn]]
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