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There is already a Wyvern Hill page, and I have copied all the information from this article into that one (except what was already there, of course).

Since this article is superfluous I think it should be deleted. I already redirected the link in the Avalon World Tour page.

I just wonder about the difference between Wyvern, Scotland (the region/town) and Wyvern Hill (the specific location). I mean, the Archmage's Cave is not located on Wyvern Hill and Wolf didn't hijack the car on Wyvern Hill. These are located in Wyvern proper. I mean, didn't Vendettas actually have a subtitle indicating "Wyvern, Scotland"? I think Wyvern, Scotland should be restored, it is a locale. Wyvern Hill and the Archmage's Cave are both located there and it was clearly indicated to exist in the series.

It's like you are trying to say that Avalon didnt send Goliath and Co to Guatemala, it sent them to the Mayan Pyramid. Thats not exactly right.