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New idea

Wikipedia has an article about:

I firmly believe that links to Wikipedia could aid this project, but I'm less certain about the best format for such links. To the right is another option. Details such as background colour can be changed, particularly if this looks odd for people using a non-default skin.

The current version is perhaps less intrusive, but this one could be placed anywhere in the page (e.g. under the "Real world background" section) and wouldn't require a new "See also" section. It might even be preferable to use both, for different pages. What do other people think? -- Supermorff 10:21, 28 February 2007 (CST)

The current version is much easier to add. To an article. I would never be able to create that little box in the corner, even by copying and pasting that code. Also, what about other links? For the Real World Characters from Greek mythology, I know a website that is amazingly thorough, accurate, and reliable, that is much better as a reference than Wikipedia. ~Vaevictis

In both cases, all you would need to do is type {{wikipedia|link}}, where "link" would be replaced by the appropriate address to the Wikipedia page (from the address bar, copy and paste everything following /wiki/). Then the whole template will appear right there on the page.
Also, for GargWiki pages that only have one word in the title, it might be possible to edit the template so that {{wikipedia}} is sufficient to get the proper link. I'm not sure this version of MediaWiki supports that.
Regardless, that's a vote for the current template. I don't see any problems with putting more appropriate links under the "See also" sections, as long as they are (as you said) thorough, accurate and reliable. -- Supermorff 12:01, 1 March 2007 (CST)