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Timedancer - A proposed spin-off of Gargoyles, and the title of the one who travels through time with the lost Phoenix Gate. The idea was developed by Greg Weisman too late to be made into a fully-fledged spin-off, and it was never seriously considered by any networks.[1]

This spin-off would have chronicled the adventures of Brooklyn with the Phoenix Gate. According to the concept, the Phoenix Gate was not lost forever when Goliath threw it away at the end of "Future Tense", but reappeared in Castle Wyvern in the present day (apparently not long after the events in "Hunter's Moon" and "The Journey") in front of Brooklyn. It proceeds to transport Brooklyn to various different points in time, depositing him in one and vanishing only to reappear a while later and whisk him away again; Brooklyn presumably attempts to seize the Gate and use it to return himself home, but never succeeds until the end.

The Phoenix Gate initially transports Brooklyn to Scotland in the year 997, where he meets Mary and Finella, still on the run from Constantine III's forces, and protects them and the Grimorum Arcanorum until the Gate reappears and transports all three of them, and the Grimorum, to the United States in the late 1970s. There, the three of them eventually plot the alliance between Xanatos and Demona that led to Castle Wyvern being moved to the top of the Eyrie Building, with some help from Owen/Puck. Afterwards, Brooklyn would have been taken away by the Gate for still further adventures.

Among other things, he would meet the Xanadu Clan in China at some unspecified point in time, where he obtains the gargoyle beast Fu-Dog as a companion, visit the Earth in the year 2198 to assist Samson and his followers against the Space-Spawn, and come to feudal Japan where he would have met his mate Katana and fallen in love with her. Katana also accompanies Brooklyn on his travels, and they have two children, named Nashville and Tachi.

Greg has also hinted at the possibilities of Brooklyn landing in the Mesozoic Era to encounter dinosaurs, visiting the court of Caesar Augustus in ancient Rome to witness the original Magus's casting of the "humility spell", clashing under as yet unknown conditions with the "enhanced Archmage", and meeting Douglas Bader (the historical RAF pilot whom Goliath and Griff had earlier encountered during the Battle of Britain in "M.I.A."). At last, Brooklyn and his family reappear at Castle Wyvern to join the clan once more in the present day - only five minutes after Brooklyn had left. The Phoenix Gate then disappears, to return to the original point in the time-stream where it had first appeared, to begin its time loop all over again.