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This section of the timeline consists of those noteworthy events in the Gargoyles Universe which took place in early history or prehistory, but cannot as yet be assigned to the timeline.

In distant prehistory, the "Lost Race", which preceded all Three Races and is now extinct, appears and then dies out. Gargoyles come into existence next, followed later on by humans and the Fair Folk. Avalon comes into existence at the same time as the Fair Folk.

Queen Mab becomes ruler of the Fair Folk, who are then known as "Children of Mab". During her reign, many of the Fair Folk mate with mortals, producing the Olympians (later on, the New Olympians). Later on, her son Oberon rebels against her and deposes her, becoming ruler of the "Children of Mab" in her place, whom he renames "Oberon’s Children". Later on, he magically forbids the Fair Folk from directly interfering in the lives of mortals.


2400 B.C. Around this time, the Sphinx is built in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believe many of the Third Race, including Anubis, to be gods, and worship them.

1230 B.C. Around this time, Theseus slays the Minotaur in Crete.

753 B.C. Rome founded by Romulus. At some point between now and the reign of Caesar Augustus, the New Olympians retreat to New Olympus and seal themselves off from the outside world.

A.D. 10. The original Magus, at the bidding of Caesar Augustus, casts the "modesty spell" over the gargoyle race, causing their garments to turn to stone with them in the daytime.

Cuchulain lives in Ireland at about this time, and battles the Banshee with the Hound of Ulster, a gargoyle beast.

A.D. 60-61. The rebellion of Queen Boudicca of the Iceni against the Romans. (Boudicca the gargoyle beast is named after her).

5th century A.D. Oberon fathers Merlin upon a human woman in Britain. Merlin grows up to become one of the greatest wizards of all time.

485. Arthur Pendragon born.

c. 500. Arthur becomes King of Britain by pulling Excalibur from the Stone of Destiny. During his reign, Sir Percival achieves the Holy Grail and becomes the Fisher King.

542. The Battle of Camlann, at which Arthur is mortally wounded. He is taken away to Avalon and placed in an enchanted sleep within the Hollow Hill, to be awakened when Britain most needs him.

642. Sir Percival founds what will become the Illuminati Society around this time. By this time, Nokkar has already arrived on Earth and set up his base on Easter Island.

843. Kenneth mac Alpin becomes the first High King of Scotland.

878. Hudson hatched at Wyvern Hill.

888. Maol Chalvim I born.

904. Indulf born.

912. Duff born.

922. Culen born.

932. Kenneth II born.

936. Queen Katharine born.

938. Goliath, Demona, Othello, Desdemona, Iago and Hyppolyta hatched at Wyvern Hill.

943. Maol Chalvim I becomes King of Scotland.

954. Maol Chalvim I dies. Indulf usurps the throne, holding Queen Katharine hostage. Prince Malcolm born in Edinburgh Castle.

958. Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway hatched at Wyvern Hill.

962. Prince Malcolm escapes from Indulf, with Robbie’s help. Indulf is forced to abdicate and go into exile in Ireland with Culen. Duff becomes King of Scotland. Maol Chalvim II born.

966. The Magus born.

967. Culen returns to Scotland to win back the Scottish throne. King Duff betrayed and slain at the Battle of Gaine; Culen becomes King of Scotland. Prince Malcolm and his family flee to northern England; death of Queen Katharine. Kenneth III born.

971. Constantine III born. Prince Malcolm is introduced to Hudson and his clan by Robbie. With the Wyvern clan’s help, Kenneth II overthrows Culen and becomes King of Scotland. Prince Malcolm begins building Castle Wyvern. The Archmage enters his service between now and 975, and also during this time takes Demona on as his apprentice.

975. Prince Malcolm marries Princess Elena. The Archmage attempts to steal the Phoenix Gate, but is thwarted by a time-travelling Xanatos; a grateful Prince Malcolm rewards Xanatos with the coin that he will need to found Xanatos Enterprises; Xanatos sends the coin to the Illuminati Society with his instructions.

The Archmage sends Demona to steal the Phoenix Gate from Princess Elena, but she shares it with Goliath instead. The Archmage angrily casts her off.

976. Princess Katharine born at Castle Wyvern. At some point between now and 984, Princess Elena dies.

978. Bronx and True hatched at Castle Wyvern.

984. By this time, the Archmage attempts to depose Prince Malcolm, but fails and is driven into exile. He returns to attack the Prince and poison him; Hudson, Goliath, and Demona face him at his cave. Hudson is blinded in one eye, and abdicates as clan leader in favor of Goliath. The Archmage falls into a chasm, seemingly to his doom (but is actually rescued by his future self). At some point between now and 994, Prince Malcolm dies and Princess Katharine succeeds him to the rule of Castle Wyvern.

986. Tom born.

988. Last rookery of eggs laid at Castle Wyvern.

990. A human wizard in Mesoamerica creates the Mayan Sun Amulet and the four pendants it powers and gives them to the ancestors of the Mayan Clan.

994. The sack of Castle Wyvern. Goliath and his clan are turned to stone by the Magus. Princess Katharine and the Magus take the eggs away to Kenneth II’s court. Demona attacks Gillecomgain, scarring his face and motivating him to become the first Hunter.

995. Oberon, angered by Titania’s scorn for mortals, banishes his Children from Avalon. Constantine murders Kenneth II and usurps the Scottish throne as Constantine III. On the night of September 28, Princess Katharine, the Magus, and Tom flee to Avalon with the eggs, vanquishing the Weird Sisters. Mary and Finella take the Grimorum Arcanorum back to Scotland, to keep it away from Constantine. The Archmage forms an alliance with the Weird Sisters.

997. Brooklyn meets Mary and Finella on his first Timedancer adventure, and protects them from Constantine until the Phoenix Gate takes them away to the United States in the late 1970’s. Constantine is overthrown and slain by Kenneth III and Maol Chalvim II at the Battle of Ratheveren; Kenneth III becomes King of Scotland.

1005. Macbeth born at Castle Moray. Maol Chalvim II betrays Kenneth III and seizes the Scottish throne.

1020. Gillecomgain the Hunter murders Findlaech, High Steward of Moray, at Duncan’s bidding, and is rewarded with his title. The Weird Sisters, at the Archmage’s command, manipulate Demona and Macbeth into becoming allies.

1032. Gillecomgain and Gruoch are wed. The Weird Sisters manipulate Macbeth and Demona into joining forces again against Gillecomgain. Gillecomgain slain at Castle Moray; Macbeth and Gruoch are wed. Canmore born.

1033. Luach born either now or in 1032.

1034. Duncan becomes King of Scotland, as Duncan I.

1040. The Weird Sisters manipulate Duncan into moving against Macbeth, and create the magical bond between Macbeth and Demona. Duncan overthrown and slain in battle on August 15. Canmore banished to England; Macbeth is crowned High King of Scotland, and appoints Demona his primary advisor.

1057. Canmore invades Scotland in alliance with the English. Macbeth betrayed by Demona and "slain", but Demona’s Clan is destroyed as well. Luach is crowned King of Scotland; Macbeth and Demona depart on their wanderings.

1058. Luach and Bodhe slain in battle against Canmore; Gruoch dies not long afterwards. Canmore becomes King of Scotland as Malcolm III. The eggs (including Angela, Gabriel, Ophelia, and Boudicca) hatch on Avalon.

1093. Canmore slain in battle against the English. By this time, he has given rise to the Canmore line of Hunters, apparently through his son, Donald.

1136. About this time, Geoffrey of Monmouth’s "The History of the Kings of Britain", which deals with King Arthur and Merlin in great detail, is published.

1160-90. Chretien de Troyes writes his Arthurian verse romances during this time. They include "Lancelot", the earliest surviving account of Lancelot and Guinevere’s love affair, and "Perceval", the earliest surviving work on Sir Percival and the Holy Grail.

1163-1345. Notre Dame Cathedral built in Paris. Like other medieval cathedrals, it bears architectural gargoyles upon it as a distant memory of the time when gargoyles protected human castles.

1190. A tomb purporting to be King Arthur’s is discovered at Glastonbury by the local monks; the inscription upon the grave’s cross claims that Glastonbury is the true Avalon. (Obviously, from the point of view of the Gargoyles Universe, the cross’s inscription was mistaken).

1296. King Edward I of England seizes the Stone of Destiny from the Scots, and takes it back to London, where it is placed beneath the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey.

1470. About this time, Sir Thomas Malory completes "Le Morte d’Arthur", one of the leading works of medieval Arthurian romance.

1495. Demona steals the Medici Tablet in Florence, and is pursued by the "Renaissance Hunter" briefly, before eluding him.

1564. William Shakespeare born on April 23 in Stratford-on-Avon.

1580. Rabbi Loew creates the Golem in Prague, to protect the Jewish community there from persecution.

1595. About this time, Shakespeare writes "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" and "Romeo and Juliet".

1596. About this time, Shakespeare writes "Henry IV Part One".

1600. About this time, Shakespeare writes "Hamlet".

1603. James VI of Scotland, a descendant of Canmore, becomes King of England as James I upon the death of Elizabeth I. His descent from Duncan and Canmore will influence Shakespeare’s depiction of Macbeth’s story when he writes it during James’s reign.

Shakespeare writes "Othello" about this time.

1606. About this time, Shakespeare writes "Macbeth". Macbeth, who is a good friend of Shakespeare’s, is amused rather than offended by it.

1611. About this time, Shakespeare writes "The Tempest".

1616. Shakespeare dies on April 23 in Stratford-on-Avon.

1722. Jacob Roggeveen first sights Easter Island on Easter Sunday, and gives it its name consequently.

1776. The Bavarian Illuminati is founded by Adam Weishaupt on May 1; its connections with Duval’s Illuminati are as yet unknown.

1888. Fiona Canmore and Jackson Canmore born.

1898. Una, Leo, Griff and Kai hatch.

1910. Demona slays Jackson Canmore in battle. His twin sister, Fiona, takes up the Hunt.

1918. Zafiro and Obsidiana hatch in ChacIxChel, Guatemala.

1919. Jack Dane born.

1920. Demona finds the Praying Gargoyle in the catacombs of Paris in 1920 and attempts to use it to destroy humanity. She is foiled by Fiona Canmore and Team Atlantis.

1924. Mace Malone goes into hiding, at the Illuminati’s orders.

1938. Jade, Turquesa, and Yama hatch.

1940. The Germans attack London during the Battle of Britain. Goliath helps Griff battle them, and then takes him via the Phoenix Gate to 1995.

1955. David Xanatos born in Bar Harbor, Maine.

1958. Sora hatches in Ishimura.

1960. Peter Maza leaves Arizona for New York City.

1964-73. The Vietnam War takes place. Jeffrey Robbins blinded during an engagement in it. Both Jason Canmore and Matt Bluestone are born in 1964.

1966. Janine Renard (aka Fox) born to Halcyon Renard and Anastasia Renard/Titania. Robyn Canmore born.

1968. Elisa Maza born.

1970. Derek Maza and Tony Dracon born.

1972. Jon Canmore born.

1975. A young David Xanatos receives Prince Malcolm’s penny from the Illuminati in Bar Harbor, Maine. He sells it to a collector for twenty thousand dollars and uses the money to found Xanatos Enterprises.

At some point between now and 1980, Brooklyn, Mary, and Finella are brought to the United States by the Phoenix Gate.

Beth Maza born.

1980. Demona seizes the Praying Gargoyle at Notre Dame, Paris, on the night of September 28. Charles Canmore attacks her as she takes it, but is slain by her in front of his children.

1993. Xanatos builds the Eyrie Building in New York as his headquarters. Around this time, poachers destroy the bulk of the last gargoyle clan in Guatemala, and steal the Mayan Sun Amulet.

1994. Xanatos and Demona move Castle Wyvern to the top of the Eyrie Building in New York and awaken Goliath and his clan. Goliath and Elisa first meet. The Cyberbiotics raid takes place. Broadway accidentally shoots Elisa; she is paired up with Matt Bluestone, following her recovery. The gargoyles are forced to relocate to the clock tower. Xanatos and Demona create Coldstone in the winter of 1994-95; Goliath and his clan take an oath to protect Manhattan from harm.

1995. Xanatos and Sevarius mutate Derek and Maggie. Puck enchants Demona so that she will become a human in the daytime. On October 1, Xanatos and Fox are engaged; Fox’s engagement present, the Eye of Odin, turns her into a werefox, and in this form, beginning on October 4, she ravages New York until Goliath defeats her on October 31 and takes the Eye. Xanatos and Fox are married; they use the Phoenix Gate to time travel back to Scotland in 975 with Goliath and Demona. Demona’s "City of Stone" scheme ends her alliance with Xanatos; the Weird Sisters use Demona and Macbeth to steal the Grimorum Arcanorum, Eye of Odin, and Phoenix Gate to give to the Archmage. Goliath saves Fortress Two from Fox and meets Thailog for the first time.

The Archmage attacks Avalon. Tom brings Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx to Avalon to battle him; Elisa awakens King Arthur from his enchanted sleep. Goliath defeats the Archmage. He, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx depart Avalon for the World Tour.

1996. King Arthur meets Griff in London, recovers Excalibur in New York, and begins his quest for Merlin. Goliath returns the Eye of Odin to Odin, and throws away the Phoenix Gate. Oberon and Titania return to Avalon and hold the Gathering.

Alexander Xanatos is born in New York, on the same night that Goliath and his companions return from the Avalon World Tour. Oberon attempts to kidnap him, but Goliath finally persuades him to have Puck tutor Alex. The Clones are created.

In late October, the Hunters come to New York, battle the gargoyles, and destroy the clock tower. On October 26, Goliath foils Demona’s "Operation Clean Slate". Xanatos rescues the gargoyles at St. Damien’s Cathedral, and rehouses them at the castle. Jon Canmore joins forces with the Illuminati, and founds the Quarrymen. Not long afterwards, Brooklyn embarks on his Timedancer adventures.

1996 - 2188. At unspecified points during this span of time, the following events happen:

King Arthur founds New Camelot in the Antarctic, which becomes the home of the Camelot Clan. Wyvern Hill is resettled by gargoyles forming the Wyvern Clan.

The United Nations adopts the "Gargoyle Minority Protection Act", granting gargoyles Protected Minority status.

The Gargoyle Nation is established.

1998. Tachi is hatched.

{2004. In Puck’s apocryphal "Future Tense" vision, Xanatos seizes control of Manhattan and breaks away from the United States. During the secession, Hudson battles Xanatos, and they slay each other. Lexington takes over where Xanatos left off, using the Xanatos Program for his "front man".}

2018. Artus is hatched.

{2036. In Puck’s apocryphal "Future Tense" vision, Goliath returns to New York from the Avalon World Tour and unsuccessfully battles against Xanatos/Lexington’s forces.}

2038. Gwenyvere is hatched.

2058. Lancelot is hatched.

2158. Samson, Delilah, and Zafiro are hatched.

2181. Nicholas Natsilane Maza born.

2188. By this time, the Gargoyle Nation is composed of twelve clans.

2198. On March 21st, the eggs on Queen Florence Island hatch; however, both the eggs and the human and gargoyle leaders attending the event are abducted by the Space-Spawn, who then conquer and occupy Earth. Samson forms a resistance movement against the Space-Spawn.

Beyond 2198. The Liberty Clan is reestablished on Queen Florence Island. The Notre Dame Clan is founded in Paris, France.