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I don't mean to nitpick but should we call Brooksbro tan or green? He kinda looks green to me, at least in the comic. His coloring looks different in City of Stone. When I read tan, I thought you were talking about "Schnozz" who looks tanish-brown. Just wondering. -- Litwolf 26 August 2009

I'm really not sure what to call his coloration. I'm mainly going off of the "City of Stone" screencap, where he looks to me like a very light, dull tan. In the scene in the cave, I think he looks more red. He has a kind of green tint in "Phoenix" but that's an exterior night scene, so who knows how accurate the lighting is. Then again, they are gargoyles, so it's not like they have day colors. Greg? Robby? Beuller?
Looking at his picture on the page for Schnozz, I think he looks more tan or brown than green. Schnozz looks more brown in the comic, but it the "CoS" screencap, he is pretty clearly red. And official opinion would really help. -- Demonskrye 10:52, 26 August 2009 (CDT)