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Is Demona's Second in "The Gate"? I'm flipping through it now and the only gargoyles I see in that issue are Brooklyn, Demona, and the unfortunate sleeping cell. -- Demonskrye 12:07, 24 August 2009 (CDT)

No, he's not in "The Gate", just "Tyrants" and "Phoenix", the issues where more of Demona's clan is shown. -- Litwolf 24 August 2009

If Demona's Second's Mate's page is titled "Sacrifice", should Demona's Second's page be titled "Second"? That's how Greg W referred to him, right? -- Litwolf 25 August 2009

Since Second and his mate hatched in 918, they would have had an egg that hatched with the 978 rookery. Does anyone else think that should be added as on both pages?-- carl006