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I'm wondering how much focus will should be put on the fact that Tachi will likely be aware of who her birth parents are. My concern is that it kind of feeds into the mistaken notion that young gargoyles are essentially told "Yes, you have two biological parents around here somewhere, but we aren't telling you who they are because it's a secret." If a young gargoyle really wanted to figure out who his or his biological parents were, he or she could probably do it through observation of how physical traits are passed down in species where the parentage is more obvious, and deductive reasoning. But more than likely, most of them would not care because the culture puts no emphasis on that relationship. It's like if you found out someone you know was born at the same hospital you were. You might think it was kind of neat, but it wouldn't really change your relationship to that person because your culture (presumably) doesn't put any emphasis on the importance of exactly where you were born. What we see between Goliath and Angela is a very unique situation: a child who was raised by members of a different species with different cultural ideas and a parent who's one of the last of his generation, fearful of turning his back on his traditions and worried about the implications of his daughter learning who her biological parents are.

We don't know yet how the Manhattan clan will raise their children. They might go the more human "biological parents raise the child" route or they might raise their oung communally. Since Tachi will be the only hatchling in her generation, Brokklyn and Katana will be the only literal rookery parents to her, so the situation may be different than a normal one where multiple eggs are hatched at once. Since the Manhattan clan young will grow up immersed in human culture, they may well have more questions about who their biological parents are. But what importance Brooklyn and Katana wil choose to place on that remains to be seen.

Greg says the Manhattan Clan will raise their children the gargoyle way.

EGWARDO I think this article should redirect to "EGWARDO". That's a canon name. Tachi is canon-in-training. All the info can stay put under Egwardo as canon-in-training. But it seems to me that canon should always take precedence over canon-in-training. JMHO.

Alright. It is very difficult to talk to you all when you don't sign your posts. Oh well. I think we should have seperate pages for Egwardo and Tachi since the former is canon and the latter is CiT. If/when the right time comes along, we can merge the articles. Obviously, in the meantime, the pages will link to each other. Just my two cents. -- Matt 15:27, 16 August 2009 (CDT)
Sorry that first Egwardo post was me. Been so long since I edited here, I forgot to post a signature. Anyway, you guys can do what you want, but it seems to me we don't have two articles for Derek and Talon. Why would we have two for Egwardo and Tachi?--Gweisman 13:22, 17 August 2009 (CDT)
Well, Talon and Derek are both established, canon characters (or rather the same established, canon character). Egwardo may be an established 'character', but Tachi is not. Tachi does not exist yet, not in the minds of the characters or in the canon. Thus the difference. However, when Egwardo hatches into Tachi in the canon the pages will merge as they will at that point be the same established, canon character. Or at least that is how I see it. If everyone disagrees with me, that is fine, we can change it. But I think that the links between the pages suffices for now. JMHO. -- Matt 23:22, 17 August 2009 (CDT)