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'''Story edited by''': [[Lewald, Eric|Eric Lewald]]<br>
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'''Written by''': [[Strnad, Jan|Jan Strnad]]
===Opening Monologue===
''"Humans love adventure. What, they wonder, lies over the hill? Across the ocean? Beyond the stars? Perhaps they believe that they will discover answers there; wisdom too elusive to be uncovered near to home. But within the unknown, lies great danger, and with every new adventure, an anxious loved one is left praying for a safe return."''
*Upon hearing the plot for this episode ("They made an episode where Bronx befriended a little Amish kid") at the 2006 Gathering, [[Reaves, Michael|Michael Reaves]] spit water all over the floor.
*[[Greg Weisman]] had originally planned on having the title for "[[The Hound of Ulster]]" be "A Bronx Tail."
==See also==
*[[A Bronx Tail (review)|A review]]
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