Battle of Bannockburn

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The Battle of Bannockburn

The Battle of Bannockburn was a major battle fought between the Scots under Robert the Bruce and the English, which the Scots won. Macbeth was present at the battle, on the Scottish side.

After the battle, Robert the Bruce gave a piece of the Stone of Destiny to his Irish ally, Cormac Maccarthy. ("Rock of Ages")

Real World Background

The Battle of Bannockburn was a real battle, fought on June 24, 1314. The day before the battle, while the armies were still moving into place, Robert the Bruce defeated and slew the English knight Sir Henry de Bohun in single combat. The Scots won the battle thanks partly to a set of ingenious pit-traps that the English knights stumbled into, partly because the Scottish camp-followers decided to join in the fighting and the English mistook them for fresh reinforcements and fled.

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