CV-1997 Carrier Virus

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The CV-1997 Carrier Virus is a genetically engineered virus created by Anton Sevarius for the purposes of disseminating his mutagenic formula into a crowd of people gathered at Times Square to usher in the new year, but without spreading to the general population of New York. Sevarius wanted to transform the crowd into a wide variety of mutates for his further experimentation. It was designed to be released from a timed mechanism on the stroke of midnight, and dropped over the unsuspecting people by Fang. Considering that Fang took the precaution of wearing a breathing mask, the virus was probably a purely airborne disease.

Although the Redemption Squad attempted to prevent the virus from being released, it was released on schedule. Matrix managed to enclose the mechanism at the last second, containing the virus and dismantling it at the molecular level. ("Louse")