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Mary is a Scottish woman and Tom's mother. In 994, she and her son were part of a band of refugees that took shelter at Castle Wyvern. This led to her and her son being captured by Vikings, rescued by gargoyles and eventually befriending Princess Katharine herself. Mary and Tom joined the Princess and the Magus on the journey to Edinburgh Castle, taking the eggs or the Wyvern Clan with them. At Edinburgh, Mary became something of a handmaiden to the Princess for a time.

Unfortunatly, Constantine carried out a coup and the Princess decided to flee the kingdom. Mary enlisted the help of a noblewoman named Finella and the group managed to escape Scotland. Using the magic of the Grimorum Arcanorum, the Magus brought them to the watery gates of Avalon. Knowing the book could not be brought to the island, Finella offered to return to the real world with it and Mary offered to join her. Mary left her son to a safe life on Avalon and returned to the dangers of being a fugitive in possession of a powerful relic. (more...)