Gargoyles (Dynamite)

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Gargoyles is a comic book series published by Dynamite Entertainment. It continues the story of the Gargoyles television series after the end of season two and the Gargoyles comics by Slave Labor Graphics. The first issue, "A Little Crazy" was released in December 2022, over thirteen years after the last canonical issue was released, and picking the story up four months after the events of "Phoenix". [1]

Issues are written by Greg Weisman, and follow his Master Plan for the Gargoyles Universe.

David Nakayama is the artist for the main covers for the series, with series pencil and color artist George Kambadais also contributing to one of the many variant covers available.

Other variant cover artists include June Chung, Rose Besch, BossLogic, Brett Breeding, Jeremy Clark, Amanda Conner, Clayton Crain, Johnny Desjardins, Tony Fleecs, Trish Forstner, Greg Guler, Ken Haeser, Eric Henson, Matt Horak, Dan Jurgens, Ryan Kincaid, Tyler Kirkham, Jae Lee, Lesly "Leirix" Li, Joe Madureira, Drew Moss, Marat Mychaels, Dan Parent, Lucio Parillo, Miriana Puglia, Mike Rooth, Craig Rousseau, Brent Schoonover, Alberto Silva, Peter Smith, Ivan Tao, and Jose Villarubia.