Gargoyles - Quest

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Gargoyles - Quest is the next Gargoyles five-issue arc, published by Dynamite Entertainment. [1] It will continue the story after the end of the previous arc, Here in Manhattan, also published by Dynamite Entertainment. [2] The first issue is anticipated for release in February 2024. [3]



Following Demona's appearance in "Everywhere" (and backstory explored in Gargoyles: Dark Ages), she now has, according to the announcement "one maniacal mission in mind": taking possession of the new Three Keys to Power. Framing the story's trajectory, Greg Weisman stated, "We all know Demona has it out for the human race, so the big question isn't, 'Why does she want the Three New Keys to Power?' but 'How is she going to use them to destroy her perceived enemies, i.e., humanity?' [4]