Liberty Clan

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Liberty Clan - A gargoyle clan to be founded on Queen Florence Island shortly after the Earth is liberated from the Space-Spawn, for the purpose of helping the cause of gargoyle unity and expanding the Gargoyle Nation.

The Liberty Clan is the thirteenth clan to join the Gargoyle Nation.


Eggs from the twelve clans of the Gargoyle Nation are brought to Queen Florence Island between 2188 and 2198. Some of these eggs will hatch and the hatchlings will go back to the other twelve clans, but most will stay to form the basis of a new clan. Unfortunately, on March 21, 2198, just as the eggs are hatching, the Space-Spawn arrive and abduct the eggs, alongside the human and gargoyle leaders present, an event that initiates the Space-Spawn occupation of Earth. The unhatched eggs and the human and gargoyle leaders are kept in stasis by the Space-Spawn. After the liberation, the clan will be be reestablished and named the Liberty Clan.