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Nessie is the name bestowed by Sevarius upon the female Loch Ness Monster that he captured. She is Big Daddy's mate and they have at least two offspring. [1][2]

While in captivity, Nessie refused to eat until she was befriended by Angela. ("Monsters") Nessie's fondness for Angela can be attributed not only to the young gargoyle's gentleness, but also from from her previous experiences with gargoyles of the Loch Ness Clan. [3]


Note: This character does not speak, therefore she does not have any lines.

Real World Background

"Nessie" is a commonly used nickname for the Loch Ness Monster. Since no one has ever examined the Monster up close - and it is highly likely that the creature does not exist - the name does not really suggest that the creature is female.