Sruighlea Cell

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The Sruighlea Cell was a branch of Demona's Clan that was destroyed in 997.


It is unknown where these gargoyles and gargoyle beasts originally came from but it is thought that they are all survivors of clans from around Scotland that had been destroyed. By 997, the gargoyles and beast who would make up the Sruighlea Cell were all members of Demona's Clan. In order to protect against another clan-wide massacre, Demona seperated her gargoyles into small cells to spend the day in seperate, isolated locations. However, even this strategy could not protect this cell. One day, Constantine, Gillecomgain, and other humans discovered the Sruighlea Cell's cave and smashed them all while they slept.

Demona later discovered the remains of her clanmates and reported the news to the Wyvern Cell. She decided to take revenge instead of performing a Wind Ceremony and led her clan into the Battle of Rathveramoen. Brooklyn also found the cave as he searched for Demona.

Known Members

  • Seven gargoyles
  • One gargoyle beast