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Greg Weisman planned seven possible spin-offs for Gargoyles. [1][2] Bad Guys has become a Slave Labor Graphics comic book, and two others are tentatively planned for the same.

  • Bad Guys - A series featuring a Redemption Squad comprised of former Gargoyles villains recruited by the mysterious Director to combat the Illuminati.
  • Gargoyles: The Dark Ages - A prequel series set at Wyvern Castle in the years preceding the episode "Awakening: Part One".
  • The New Olympians - A series set following the New Olympians' decision to reveal themselves to the world in front of the United Nations.
  • Pendragon - A series following King Arthur and Griff as they search for Arthur's old mentor Merlin.
  • Gargoyles 2198 - A series set in the future of the Gargoyles universe, in the year 2198, following an invasion by the alien Space-Spawn.
  • TimeDancer - A series following Brooklyn's adventures travelling through time with the phoenix.
  • Heroes of Ulster - A series following the adventures of Rory Dugan and Molly. [3]

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