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Welcome to GargWiki, the ultimate reference guide to the world of Disney's Gargoyles! Although GargWiki contains information on anything and everything relating to Gargoyles, the primary focus of the wiki is the canonical Gargoyles Universe, as envisioned by creator Greg Weisman. This includes the first two seasons of the television show and the comic book series by Slave Labor Graphics.

GargWiki is an invaluable resource to fans of Gargoyles and a great way to familiarize yourself with the series if you're new to the property. Feel free to look for your favourite characters with our search bar on the left of the screen, check the most popular pages, or browse the site using our category system (the top-level categories are listed in the banner at the top of this page).

But remember: GargWiki is always growing, and you can help out! If you want to contribute, have a look at our Community Portal, which has tips for getting started and a list of useful jobs you can do.

So come on in, and welcome to the world of Gargoyles!

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The Mayan Sun Amulet is a magical talisman that was created at the end of the 10th Century by a powerful human wizard. The wizard created the Amulet to ensure that the Mayan people and "The Green" would have gargoyle protection at all times of the night and day. It powers four pendents which, when worn by a gargoyle, prevent the wearer from turning to stone each morning.

The Amulet was created using four precious stones (sapphire, obsidian, turquoise and jade) and is shaped into a golden sun. Each of the magical pendents it powers is made of one of the four stones and by this the gargoyle keepers receive their names. The Amulet had been in the possession of the Mayan Clan for many centuries, but in 1993 a group of poachers raided their pyramid home and stole the Amulet. The Clan knew it was still intact since the pendents continued to function, but they had no idea of its whereabouts.

The Amulet somehow wound up on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Hyena attempted to destroy the Amulet in 1996, but was stopped by Lexington and Broadway. (more...)

About this Wiki

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GargWiki is a reference guide to all things Gargoyles, both in-universe information (characters, places and things) as well as Category:Out-of-universe information (including cast members and episodes).

GargWiki focuses on information from the first two seasons of the animated series Gargoyles, the SLG comic book series and its spin-off. This information can be found in Category:Canon.

Over the past decade, Greg Weisman has revealed many secrets and plans he had for the Gargoyles Universe, including spin-offs and new characters. Entries on these revelations are located in Category:Canon-in-training.

Some canon entries contain text written in bold, blue type. This signifies, for easy distinction, Canon-in-training material in a primarily Canon entry.

Finally, Category:Apocrypha is dedicated to non-canon Gargoyles material, such as The Goliath Chronicles, the Marvel Comics series, the Disney Adventures comic and the Sega Genesis video game.

Popular pages

GargWiki's most popular pages include:

  • Timeline - Our comprehensive timeline of all events that have taken place within the Gargoyles Universe, from pre-history into the distant future.
  • Episode Guide - A complete listing of television episodes, comic book issues and other stories relating to the world of Gargoyles.
  • Gargoyle - The eponymous species: statues by day, warriors by night and born to protect.
  • Goliath - The heroic gargoyle leader of the Manhattan Clan and main protagonist of the series.
  • Demona - The immortal human-hating female gargoyle, once Goliath's mate but now one of his deadliest enemies.


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