The Weird Macbeth

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Before the termination of the "Gargoyles" series, a two-part episode was planned, in which several "Gargoyles" characters were trapped in a production of "Macbeth" by the Weird Sisters. It would have had Macbeth playing himself, Demona as Lady Macbeth, Goliath as Macduff, Elisa as Lady Macduff, and Hudson as King Duncan. The higher-ups at Disney would not allow the episode to be made as a two-parter, and feeling that it was too complicated to fit into a single episode, Greg Weisman dropped the notion of including it in the second season of the television series.[1]

"The Weird Macbeth" was formerly "Puck's Macbeth".[2]

The episode was originally intended to air in the final tier of Season Two, around the time of "Vendettas", but Greg Weisman still plans to use the story if given an opportunity.[3]

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