Lydia Duane

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Professor Lydia Duane

Professor Lydia Duane is a British archaeologist.


She and her partner, Arthur Morwood-Smyth, discovered Merlin's secret cave in Wales and there found the Scrolls of Merlin. She brought them to New York for study, only to be robbed of them by Macbeth's henchmen Banquo and Fleance while just arriving. Fortunately, the gargoyles and Elisa recovered the Scrolls. ("A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time")

Duane encountered Elisa again while on holiday on Easter Island with Dr. Morwood-Smyth, and through her eventually came to meet and befriend Nokkar. ("Sentinel")


Production Background

Voice Actor: B.J. Ward

Lydia Duane was named after series writers Lydia Marano and Diane Duane.