Dysfunctional Family

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Husband and wife arguing.
The family's teenage son running out of the house in tears.

The dysfunctional family is a married couple and their teenage son, living in Manhattan.

Demona took Brooklyn to a home where a husband and wife were having a heated argument about their son. The husband thought his son's grades were bad and that the son's friends were a bad influence. The wife fired back that the husband was never even around and threw a vase at him. This made their son run out of the house in tears. Demona used this example to show how humans cannot even share their homes with each other and would not share the world with the gargoyles.

Additional Information

Greg Weisman wrote in his ramble for "Temptation" that he did not think so then, but he thinks now that Demona paid the couple to stage that performance for Brooklyn. It does seem suspicious that she knew exactly which house to go to and their timing to witness a crescendo in the fight was impeccable. [1] However, when pressed whether it was an act or not, Greg did not answer. [2]