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See the General disclaimer for copyright information about the material on the wiki itself.

Original work policy

Since GargWiki is designed as a free and open fictional encyclopedia, we are opposed to seeing copyrighted material posted on GargWiki. This includes material taken from published works and other Web sites. By submitting information to GargWiki, a user is implicitly promising that said information is original, or that they are the copyright holder. Using other sites for research is fine, as long as the actual entry is original work.

Wikipedia deserves a mention here. Since GargWiki does not work under the GNU Documentation License (unlike some other wiki projects), it is not permissible to copy material directly from Wikipedia to this website. Brief quotes from Wikipedia may be allowed, if properly cited, but extensive copying will be removed. It is still preferable that all entries on this wiki be original work.

Using material from GargWiki

As long as you credit this wiki and provide a link to this site ( somewhere on your site, you can copy material from here freely.