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The Eyrie Building is David Xanatos' personal residence and headquarters and the home of the Manhattan Clan. It is located in New York City and is the world's tallest building. It serves as the base of operations for Xanatos Enterprises and the more mundane function of a regular office building. It is crowned by the ancient Castle Wyvern.

Xanatos built the Eyrie Building in the early 90s both as a personal home and a corporate headquarters. More than that, however, he built the huge tower to place Castle Wyvern at its pinnacle in order to raise it above the clouds and thus awaken Goliath and his clan from their stone sleep. The Castle was then used as a sort of medieval penthouse.

The Eyrie Building dominates the Manhattan skyline from its location at Central Park South. It is outfitted with state of the art technology including powerful energy cannons and a force field capable of protecting the entire structure. (more...)