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"Louse" is the fourth issue of the Gargoyles: Bad Guys comic by SLG, and Chapter Four of the Redemption story arc. Written by Greg Weisman and with art by Karine Charlebois, "Louse" is one of the most remarkable issues of the comic to date among fans. The story is a constant contrast of light humor and fun character moments with dark elements such as suicide, mass biological terrorism and a near execution-style killing.

"Louse" brings an end to the first mission of the Redemption Squad and finally brings the Squad up to its full membership with the addition of Fang. In true Gargoyles fashion, however, the story's conclusion leaves its readers desperate for more and full of questions. How will the battle play out at the mysterious island? What happened to Sevarius? And who exactly is Hunter talking to about the Squad and its mission? (more...)