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Creating a new article

There are three ways to create a new article on the wiki. The first is to place brackets around the text for the title of the new page [[like this]]. You can do this by finding the text you want in an existing article and placing the brackets around it, or putting the link on your user page (which you can easily access by clicking your username in the set of links in the upper right corner of the browser window). This will create a link in red text, indicating that you have navigated to a page that doesn't exist yet. Click on the Edit tab at the top left and start writing your article.

Another way to start a new article is to use the search tool located on the left. Simply type the title of your article into the text box and click "Go". If the article you are searching for doesn't exist yet, you will see a page with the text "No page with this exact title exists, trying full text search" at the top. The words "this exact title" will be a red link. Click on the link to navigate to a new page with that title.

The third way to make a new article is to use your browser's address bar. Navigate to an existing article. Click on the address, delete the title of the article, and replace it with the title of the one you want to create. Use underscores in place of any spaces in the title. Navigate to this new page and start editing.

If you make a mistake, such as misspelling the title of your article, or you decide that you don't actually want to create the new article, just navigate away from the page without making any changes. Navigating away from an editing page or clicking the "Cancel" link before saving changes has the same effect.