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King Lear, also called The Tragedy of King Lear, is a play written by William Shakespeare around 1606 about a father who divides his kingdom between two of this three daughters, and the tragic consequences that follow. [1]

David Xanatos once quoted the play to his father with the line, "Reason not the need," reversing the roles of parent and child in the original play. ("Vows") [2]

Behind the Scenes

Thailog was, in part, inspired by the King Lear character, Edmund. [3][4] The name Lear was also briefly considered for an early take on Goliath (who was still immortal) when the series was being developed. [5]

Greg Weisman has written that his favorite Shakespeare character is Edmund, partly from performing the role in the past and developing an affinity for the character. [6][7][8]

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