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Exactly what does "extinct in the wild" mean when we're talking about gargoyle beasts? Unless there's some evidence I don't know about of beasts living in roving packs or completely alone in great numbers (as opposed to the occasional rogue beast that might pop up now and again) even after gargoyles and gargoyle beasts started forming clans together, I'm not sure I understand what would count as a "wild" gargoyle beast. Yes, the Xanadu Clan is more directly interested in breeding beasts and keeping the species from extinction that other clans, but I don't know that their setup will be all that much different that the clan living situation that beasts have been enjoying for centuries. -- Demonskrye 17:30, 31 December 2008 (CST)


This article says that both the male and female beasts' eyes glow white, which is true in the show, since Boudicca's eyes glowed white. However, now the comics show something different. In Tyrants, the two beasts in one of Demona's cells have different colored eyes: one white and the other red. I am guessing this was to reflect a male and female beast, respectively. So which should be considered cannon and which should be the mistake: that both sexes of beasts have white eyes or that females have red eyes and males have white? -- Litwolf 16 August 2009

Personally, I think beast eyes should work the same as gargoyle eyes.--Gweisman 17:47, 18 August 2009 (CDT)
I tend to agree. It makes sense for biological reasons, but the reason I like it the most is that it provides a way to distinguish between male and female beasts, which would otherwise be readily lacking. -- Matt 22:09, 18 August 2009 (CDT)

So, here is a thought. I remember that there was some dispute when the Ophelia pic was edited and reworked to remove a bandage that was not supposed to be on her yet or something like that. Would there be issues from anyone if pics of Boudicca were similiarly edited to give her red eyes? I'm not neccesarily suggesting we do this (though I admit I'm curious to see what it looks like), but I was wondering what others thoughts on the matter were. -- Matt 08:18, 2 October 2009 (CDT)

Well, someone was bound to do this one day, didn't figure it'd be me, but there ya go. I went ahead and modified the beast pic to make Boudicca's eyes the correct color. It is a rather crude job, I'll admit, and if someone *coughDTainacough* wants to tackle it and do a better job, that'd be cool. Anyway, I rather like it. I'm not neccesarily suggesting we post it as the new pic or anything, though I'd be willing to discuss it. Anyway, here it is: Matt 07:28, 24 February 2010 (CST)


Eyes II

So while looking up facts about a gargoyle eyes, I stumbled on these two responses on Ask Greg about a gargoyle beast's eyes. I didn't want to add them to this page since there's a bit of inconsistency with them, but thought it worth noting for future reference and/or discussion. The first is from 1998 and suggests that a beast's eyes aren't always glowing, we just can't see the irises and pupils. The second dates two years later and mentions that a beast's eyes always glow, just more or less intensely depending on the mood. -- Pheon 21:18, 8 June 2016 (PDT)

New Pics

For anyone who is willing and able, it'd be cool to modify the picture on this page to include Fu-Dog, Chomp, Chaw and perhaps the stone beast member of the Sruighlea Cell. -- Matt 22:58, 25 August 2009 (CDT)

I could do that! DTaina 23:07, 25 August 2009 (CDT)
Yeah, that was kinda meant for you to see, I just didn't want to put you on the spot. Anyway, thanks! Looking forward to seeing whatever you come up with! -- Matt 23:16, 25 August 2009 (CDT)