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Thanks Vaevictis. I figured you linked from the Pukhan Clan right to the Korea Clan because both terms have been used, even by Greg W. However, Korea Clan seems to be the more official term. In the Ask Greg archives he has it listed as Pukhan Clan, but everywhere else, including the Gargoyles: 2198 document, he calls them the Korea Clan. I say we stick with Korea Clan unless Greg says otherwise. Of course all this obsession with the correct name is ironic since we are talking about what a clan of gargoyles calls themselves! -- Matt, 13 September 2007

Actually, I do consider the name to be the Pukhan Clan. For what that's worth. -gdw
That's generally worth quite a bit -- Demonskrye 14 September 2007
Indeed. I'll go ahead and make the change. --Matt, 14 September 2007
Thanks for letting us know. Matt, we should keep Korea Clan for a redirect. -- Vaevictis Asmadi 09:57, 14 September 2007 (CDT)
I did. ----Matt, 14 September 2007