Tamar Tea Tephi

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Princess Tamar Tea Tephi

Tamar Tea Tephi was a princess of Judah.


According to a story told by Shahrizad, Tamar and the prophet Jeremiah brought the Stone of Destiny to Ireland. There, Tamar married King Eochaid; Jeremiah gave the Stone of Destiny to Eochaid as Tamar's dowry. ("Rock & Roll")


Real World Background

In some legends about the Stone of Destiny, Tamar is described as the daughter of Zedekiah, the last King of Judah (though she is not mentioned in the Old Testament). She and Jeremiah came to Ireland in 585 B.C., bringing the Stone of Destiny with them; there, Tamar married Eochaid.

Tamar may have originally been an eponymous figure, invented to explain the name of Tara, just as Scota was invented to explain the name of Scotland.